5 ways prospects reject you on a cold call

Everybody knows that most cold calls/emails do not result in a sale no matter how good you are. The trick is to make as many calls as possible to the highest quality leads. The biggest failure is wasting a ton of time on a prospect that will not or is not capable of giving you business. We have learned many lessons here at Meshtek Solutions after making tons of cold calls, warm calls, knocking on doors, cold emails, etc. Here are 5 things you hear prospects say on the call that probably mean they want to get rid of you.

  1. “Email us your proposal”

This may sound like a win and a logical next step toward a sale. We have been told this countless number of times and we have always sent out proposals. However, we have almost never heard back from them. Everyone’s experience here may be different but we have learned that this is just a subtle way of getting rejected. A strong pitch will not get you a proposal request, it will get you a meeting. My advise would be not to bother drafting/sending the proposal, but work on your pitch and move on to the next call.

2. “Call me again next week”

This just means the prospect was not impressed by your pitch and did not know what more to say. Best thing to do at this point is to place a sense of urgency in their mind and remind them about your value proposition.

3. “We are quite busy at the moment”

Everyone is busy nowadays. Even when they are not busy, they are busy. The problem isn’t that they are busy, the problem is that you have not sold them on the importance of your idea. Everyone has an unproductive window of time in their schedule. If they value that more than the time invested with you, you have not sold them well.

4. “Your offer of ABC is very good but we are looking for XYZ

This either means they have not understood your offer or that you have not done your research well. A good sales pitch starts with a very strong product knowledge followed by proper research on target customers.

5. “We will get back to you soon”

Who hasn’t heard this before. A acceptable response to this is to try to schedule a follow up call right then. In my opinion, your time is better spent working on your next call and follow up only when the prospect is exited about your offer. In my experience, when we have a strong sales pitch, prospects follow up with us rather than other way around. It’s much easier to sell them this way.

Each one of the above is an objection. They may not be obvious to many and will lead to many hours wasted handling these prospects the wrong way. We have had a lot of success in our business just by avoiding fundamental mistakes like these.

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