Augmented Reality In Car Showrooms

Across many industries and sectors, emerging technologies have changed the way customers shop.The automobile industry is no different.AR is driving automobile industry by providing incredible experience that enhances our way to see the things.AR made its entry way back in 2008,when MINI introduced a print advertisement using desktop and camera. This particular app was augmented through AR and viewers were able to enjoy a full 3D walk around the car and observes its features which until was possible only in the real metal.This kind of strategy brought an entirely new dimension to car advertising.

AR provides a wide range of services to its car users. Some of them are-


 What if we could take a test drive of the latest car,look at the engine.hear it in motion without stepping out of the house.Wondering how..? AR has made this possible for us. Through AR automobiles companies allow their perspective customer to drive a vehicle without being actually in the car.The user can see the world from car’s perspective giving them full blown experience of driving the car.With the help of AR users can also see rest of the car by moving it 360 degrees.


 Making the technical as accessible as possible is often a key a part of the automobile sales process.AR provides a unique way for the customers to see and experience technical features in a way that they will easily understand and quickly engage with. AR unlocks new ways to connect with customers and convey technical information far more better than any other traditional channels.


AR product visualization is considered “the try before you buy”.In the Case of car dealership

3D product visualization with AR presents a new improved way to showcase their products.

Customers can explore different models and then interact with their automisation at home or in the car showrooms.


 AR is not only changing the customer’s product experience but also changing the way the automobile retail industry sells cars. AR helps the autombile retailer to shift from a product centred approach to a customer centered approach which definitely boost the sale of the car.


AR is really bringing waves in the automobile industry and is all set to become the norm enabling customers to experience the full spectrum of products , options and specifications anytime at the touch of a button.

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