Augmented Reality In Museums And Art Galleries

Augmented reality is the art of inserting a virtual image in the real world. It is a technology that imposes layers of virtual content on the top of real environment and enables a smartphone or a tablet user to aim the device at a designated point and watch a still scene come into life. It blur the line between the real world and the virtual world. One of the best use of augmented reality can be seen in museums.

Museums play a very important role in society. They bear the significant task of collecting, preserving,  researching and presenting objects and materials of the historical importance. Earlier people used to read all the plaques at the museum which seems a little un interesting.

Imagine you are in a museum experiencing live dinosaurs around you. Wondering how?? This can be possible with AUGMENTED REALITY.

Augmented reality is the best example of how technology can enhance the visitor’s view of seeing the historic things. It seems a logical evolution driving today’s 2D interaction into 3D space. It has already reached a point where it seems useful for museums as a means of adding to the visitors experience and entertaining patrons by exposing them to new technology.It creates virtual tour guide that are adaptable, updatable and viewable without specification.

 For art museums

An AR app is a wonderful tool that can add interpretive content to the displayed artwork .It also invites visitors to step into the work itself all you have to do is to point your smart phones or tablets to the desired place and there you are all set for experiencing the things live.


Augmented Reality is a promising technology that can completely change the way of looking at museums .Earlier where interaction of museum visitors with exhibited artefacts was restricted, here AR comes up with a great help of adding 3D elements into 2D one and enabling visitors to view artefacts from different angles.

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