Over Learning.Can You Learn too much?

There is still an ongoing debate on whether  physical over training is a myth. Science and general experience says there definitely is an over training of the body. However, speak to those who have gone far and beyond ordinary levels of effort and they will probably tell you a story about how their body adapted to new levels of stress. The definition of the word is “training for too hard or too long”. But no one really knows what too hard or too long is. Another definition could be — a point in your training which if crossed, the body stops making progress.

Now let’s talk about over-learning. In this stage of the Internet era, we not only have the world’s information available at our fingertips, we are constantly bombarded with information. This has spawned a generation of people who have “too much information” but know too little. I’m calling this phenomenon over-learning.

I remember when I hit a plateau after I’d been training in the gym for about 6 months. I watched a lot of videos, read blogs and asked people in order to get some advise that would work. None of them did — or so I thought. I realized  later that my problem was not that I did not know some magic solution, rather it was that I was not applying any one of them properly. Only after I committed fully to one path that I began to see unquestionable results.

Now in order to focus on one path, one’s mind must not be cluttered with information. It involves purging the mind of pieces of information that’s not needed. In essence, this is over-learning in reverse. The other essential step in making progress is applying what one has learned in the proper fashion.

There is a fine balance here as with everything else in life. One has to learn but not learn without applying and they have to apply but not apply without learning. This is very much similar to the balance between training and resting that one has to maintain in order to make progress with physical fitness.

To conclude, the purpose of this article is to emphasize  the often neglected aspect of over-learning. The world is becoming more lazy without passing time and at the same time information is getting more abundant. Therefore, it’s as important to talk about over-learning as it to talk about education.

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